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Hiking in the mountains in Salzburg
Go rural!
Simply enjoy your holidays! Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, just relax and do whatever you like. Our country hotel Lerch Plankenau gives you time ...

Walking holidays at the Country Hotel Lerch Plankenau

Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted with our flora and fauna-rich pastures and mountains around St. Johann im Pongau in Salzburg. Walks range from mild alpine walks to alpine huts to difficult mountain tours and hikes for experienced hikers and mountaineers. We are happy to assist you!

Surrounded by beautiful nature

Enjoy yourself amidst the beautiful and unspoilt nature around our country hotel and leave all your worries behind you. Our mountain pasture world is perfectly suited for getting back to yourself. Only the ringing of cow bells or the whistle of a marmot is to be heard in all this pleasant tranquillity.

Cable car walking on the Gernkogel

If you want a higher score with the children for example, you should take the gondola at Alpendorf nearby. Having arrived at the mountain station, there are numerous beautiful alpine hikes for young and old. A visit to Ghost Mountain on the Gernkogel is a highly recommended treat for any family!

Welcome to Ghost Mountain in Alpendorf

Another "must” for all families is the "Alpine Kingdom" with its funny fantasy characters. You take the Alpendorf gondola to the Ghost Mountain Leisure and Theme Park. In a total of four theme parks areas, there is so much to discover! Together with their families, little children can discover a variety of fantasy characters on the “Elf Trail”. At the Leisure Park there are swings, bird nests, a climbing dragon, a ghost tower, water games, a ghost lake, pine-cone shooting galleries and much more for older children. For the adults there is a hiking and nature experience of a special kind in this splendid panoramic landscape. Stroll along secure trails, enjoy the splashing water world and relax at “Fairy Square”.

Hike to the Liechtenstein Gorge

You should not miss a hike to the longest and deepest gorge in the Alps - the Liechtenstein Gorge -. The gorge is very close to our Country Hotel and is a welcome alternative on a hot summer day.

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